AudioVisions is a program of video works in which moving image intersects with sonic art.
Curated by Barbara Held and Katherine Liberovskaya
produced by Espai Ubú for LOOP Festival 2009


Program AudioVisions:

Distillation:Tulsa 2008   8’17
video, Ursula Scherrer música, Michelle Nagai

Four-wheel Drive 2007/08    5’30
video, Katherine Liberovskaya  sound collage, Phill Niblock

Topolo PN  2005 11’50
Phill Niblock

analog signals Anne Wellmer
grabado en collaboracion con Katherine Liberovskaya   2009

Tehran, Noemi Sjoberg  2005  5’08

London Heathrow 2004  6’01
video, Ursula Scherrer música, Michael J. Schumacher

Hommm 2005 4’43
video, Francesca Llopis  música, Barbara Held

UG     2009   9’05
video, Ursula Scherrer  musica, Kato Hideki

Rantdance   2009  12
video, Katherine Liberovskaya music, Al Margolis (IF, Bwana)

analog signal 3 Anne Wellmer, 48”  2009

S.T. 2009  6’54
Video, Francesca Llopis  so, Barbara Held

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