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Sound Proof Festival, London 2012


Barbara Held – Yapci Ramos (Share the Applause) and Matt Davis

photography and video by Yapci Ramos     performances by: Matt Davis, Barbara Held, Rhodri Davies, Angharad Davies and Tom Chant

The energy and optimism of Barcelona during the 1992 Olympic games is contained for me in one joyful, almost photographic memory.  Our personal and professional connections to each other branch out from that time, a legacy of excellence of artistic practice, emotion, memory and friendship. A series of 5 photographs of Barcelona locations with personal significance interact and become part of the landscape of the construction site of the 2012 London Olympic Park.  The soundtrack of our installation recreates the recording of a concert that Matt gave in Barcelona 20 years ago as a score to be interpreted by 5 musicians. “Overtime” rebuilds the future reflected in the Barcelona past as in the title of one of our photographs, “I want to see you shining”.


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