Overtime at Sound Proof 4

5 fotos OKBarbara Held – Yapci Ramos (Share the Applause) and Matt Davis

music by: Matt Davis, Barbara Held, Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies, and Tom Chant
photography and video by Yapci Ramos,

13 November to 11 December 2011
Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday
12pm – 6pm

Unit 1A Canterbury Court
Kennington Park Business Centre
London SW9 6DE


The energy and optimism of Barcelona during the 1992 Olympic games is contained for me in one joyful, almost photographic memory, and this project is an exploration of the possibilities of working with photography and music, to celebrate the individual creative actions that write the real Legacy, in spite of the official planning of these big cultural events.  I invited 5 very special artists whose personal and professional connections to each other branch out from the period of time of Barcelona’s emergence from the years of dictatorship as a culturally affirmative, outward looking society, willing to absorb the culture of the rest of Europe and the world, to create a legacy of excellence of artistic practice, emotion, memory and friendship. We made a series of 5 photographs of Barcelona locations with personal significance, and printed them on huge billboard paper. Yapci Ramos “performed” them on location at the construction site of the 2012 London Olympic Park, filming the changing light and reflected images that mixed with the still images. The visual composition that results is a 35 minute video. The soundtrack of our installation recreates the recording of a concert that Matt Davis gave in Barcelona 20 years ago as a score to be interpreted by 5 musicians, 5 solos. “Overtime” rebuilds the future reflected in the Barcelona past as in the title of one of our photographs, “I want to see you shining”.

Resonance FM live broadcast, November 13, 2011, solos by: Matt Davis, Barbara Held, Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies, and Tom Chant

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