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Senses of Place | LOOP 2015

28 may – 6 june
Reial Cercle Artistic de Barcelona

David Baker, José Manuel Berenguer, Blake Carrington, Melissa F. Clarke, Seth Cluett, Andrew Demirjian, Tom Chant, Brian Chase, David Galbraith, Richard Garet, Lorenzo Gattorna, Sandra Gibson-Luis Recoder, Wolfgang Gil, Andy Graydon, Jim Haynes, Barbara Held, Victoria Keddie, Kenneth Kirschner, LoVid, Katherine Liberovskaya, David Linton, Daniel Neumann, Phill Niblock, Yann Novak, Ursula Scherrer, Pinkcourtesyphone (Richard Chartier-Rob Parrish), Yapci Ramos, Phillip Stearns, Pilar Subirá, Fernando Velázquez, Byron Westbrook, Florian Wittenburg.

LOOP Festival 2015

LOOP Barcelona 2015, The Real Circulo Artístico de Barcelona, Hangar, Eyebeam Sound Research Group, PHONOS (University Pompeu Fabra Barcelona) and the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre de Tenerife present “Senses of Place”, a program of exhibitions and screenings of audiovisual work, installations and performance that respond to space.

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An Immanence of Nature | collective exhibition with the artists Richard Garet, Barbara Held y Yapci Ramos | 11.00h. – 21.00h | Reial Cercle ArtisticGallery Space

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In this exhibition artists make use of technology to capture and display images and sounds that re-contextualize how we perceive the world. Through close listening, focused sight and careful attention to perception, these artists have created a micro-environment that rewards active exploration and encourages thoughtful contemplation of how we understand the world around us through our senses of sight and sound.

Winter | sound installation by Richard Garet, 2008
11.00h. – 21.00h | Reial Cercle Artistic – Blue Zone.

Winter is a surround 4.0 sonic construction focused on Winter as a subject. This interpretation was made from aural material recorded during December 2007 and March 2008 within the same 16-foot perimeter location in Astoria, Queens, NY.

Dark Before Dawn | video by Blake Carrington, sound from the album “Ulysses Syndrome” by Soundwalk Collective
11.00h. – 21.00h | Reial Cercle Artistic – Hall

Reial Cercle Artístic LOOP2015

Reial Cercle Artístic LOOP2015

“Dark Before Dawn” explores the subjective choreography of sound and image, the feedback loop between the two that informs and shapes what we think we see and what we think we hear. It takes the viewer through a slowly shifting, minimal and foggy color space that follows the contours of the album “Ulysses Syndrome” by Soundwalk Collective. Commissioned by Soundwalk Collective for their album “Ulysses Syndrome”.

Acoustic Imaging the Hudson | video by Melissa F. Clarke
11.00h. – 21.00h | Reial Cercle Artistic – Hall

Reial Cercle Artístic LOOP2015

Reial Cercle Artístic LOOP2015

Acoustic Imaging the Hudson shows a subsoil and underwater topography and past glacial movement; a particular profile of deep time and space history reaches the surface through sound signals and image data sent over. The installation shows the relationship between sound and image, water and sound, and with the sediments beneath.

Color Tones | sound installation by Wolfgang Gil
11.00h. – 21.00h | Reial Cercle Artistic – Courtyard
A site-specific, generative sound installation that produces its sonic content in response to the sounds occurring in the space in which the piece is installed. Comprised of slowly shifting tones and textures diffused over a multichannel sound system, the installation invites the audience to enter into a meditative dialog with the listening space. The piece is punctuated by periodic silences, during which the piece listens to the room and produces new content.

A project of the Sound Research Group at Eyebeam, New York

The Sound Research Group is a working group to focus on the what and why of sound art through critical discussion, collaborations, presentation of works in progress, and public events. For more information:

Recollections | video by Seth Cluett
11.00h. – 21.00h | Reial Cercle Artistic – Courtyard
A single, unedited, wide-angle shot of the edge of a forest, this video contains monaural audio of the sound of a person walking from the left  to the right of the screen. The visual occlusion of the forest combined with audio whose close-mic’d detail  provides no cues for locating the position of the walker. The viewer is forced to search, knowing that there must be a connection between hearing and sight, but is forced to rely on scanning the video carefully in search for alternative clues as to location of the sound source.


Screening | program of audiovisual works. Curated by Richard Garet and Barbara Held.
11.00h – 21.00h | Reial Cercle Artistic – Sala Atlants

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A  program of audiovisual works from artists working with sound, expanded cinema and video, presenting works of David Baker-Florian Wittenburg, Blake Carrington, Melissa F. Clarke, Andrew Demirjian, David Galbraith, Lorenzo Gattorna, Sandra Gibson-Luis Recoder, Richard Garet, Andy Graydon-Kenneth Kirschner, Jim Haynes, Victoria Keddie, LoVid, Katherine Liberovskaya-Phill Niblock, David Linton, Yann Novak, Ursula Scherrer-Brian Chase, Pinkcourtesyphone, Phillip Stearns, Fernando Velazquez and Byron Westbrook.


Concert | performance by Aetherart
4 june – 21.00h. – 22.00h | Reial Cercle Artistic – Courtyard

This performance is a collective exploration of architectural acoustics, the interactive environment of Wolfgang Gil’s installation and Seth Cluett’s score system that utilizes concepts from machine listening research to enable performers to take on the role of adaptive listeners with a score. A visualization of the scored-work in tandem with the sounds of the ambient environment will drive a thin wire with mirrors placed at acoustically significant points along it. A thin strip of a video projection will be reflected throughout the courtyard, modulated chaotically by the sum of the sounds in the space. Barbara Held, Tom Chant, Pilar Subirà, Jose Manuel Berenguer, Daniel Neumann, video by Yapci Ramos.
A project of the Sound Research Group at Eyebeam, New York


Introduction to nonlinear methods of composition using MAX / MSP | workshop by Wolfgang Gil. Hangar – June 2 & 3
BTV news video:
Tret de sortida a la primera edició del Poblenou Crea! – BTVNOTÍ


This is an introduction to the use of statistics for audio processing in real time.

The focus on sound composition is based on the definition of “sections” or states of a stochastic system, and “transitions” between sections, using a series of modules that I have created in Max/MSP, a graphic tool that permits logical computation of sound using visual objects.

New York-based Venezuelan sound artist and programmer Wolfgang Gil explores the interrelationship of sound, the listener, and the space of listening. In his experimental work, it is in the listener’s willingness to engage in a personal dialog with the sound and space that the work finds its purpose. He is director of Eyebeam’s Sound Research group, and since 2012, Gil, Richard Garet y Daniel Neumann direct the portable gallery/platform for sound installation work on Contour Editions.


Non-Representational Spatial Sound | workshop by Daniel Neumann
Hangar – June 2 & 3

This workshop is part of the investigation into the architectural space as strategies for exploring sound, sound material and its modulation by space and situation. The workshop will give a historical overview on the subject with some technical background and explore aesthetics and techniques for spatialization. Listening will be practiced as a phenomenological activity: the listener immersed in inner spaces / distance and continuity / sound as intersubjective space. The loudspeaker is an instrument, a resonating exciter, and the space is the resonator, like the wooden body of a violin.

Daniel Neumann is a sound artist based in Brooklyn, professional sound engineer with master’s degree in media art from the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. His main focus is the investigation of how sound interacts with space and how spaces can be shaped by sound. As curator, he directs the CT-Swam monthly series at Eyebeam, New York. He has presented work at Fridman Gallery, MoMA PS1, Pratt Institute, Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, Sculpture Center New York, Eigen & Art Gallery Leipzig, Skolska28 Prague, Lothringer13 Munich and many more.