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Sala Ricson, Hangar, Barcelona
February 8-10, 2016

Alimentació  is a collaborative performance-based sound installation created by more than 20 artists under the direction of Barbara Held, as the final project of the Sound Installation course of the Master in Sound Art, University of Barcelona. It was conceived as a sonic mirror, a site-specific exploration of concepts of feedback (electronic and analog). The visually transparent glassed-in booth in the Sala Ricson creates an aural boundary.  Sounds are performed live in the brightly-lit booth, and sent to a series of digital and analogue performers in the large, dark main space, where they are re-alimented and transformed. The sound performances are related to the celebration of art world rituals such as the opening of an exhibition. The ritual is a way in which we relate to our surroundings. There is an element of voyeuristic pleasure in the mis en scene.

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The process took place over the space of 3 days, with a live invited audience at the project’s “closing”.