Aetherart Ars Acustica Series
November, 2013
Català  Español

Catalunya Musica joins the Ars Acustica Series of the EBU Euroradio Season. This is the first time that Catalunya Musica collaborates live with the EBU Ars Acustica Group on a collaborative concert with the Czech Radio. The concert titled AETHERART will be played live in 2 studios, Prague Improvisation Orchestra in Studio HRDINU in Prague, and members of the Orquesta del Caos in the studio of Catalunya Musica in Barcelona. The program consists of two collaborative group compositions by each ensemble, separated by 3 short interludes performed virtually via radio transmission by several musicians from each group.


From Barcelona: Barbara Held, flute; José Manuel Berenguer, live electronics; Tom Chant, saxs; Míriam Fèlix, violoncel and Pilar Subirà, percussión. Gerard Font, sound engineer.

From Prague: PIO : Jirí Durman, bass clarinet; Petr Vrba, trumpet and loudspeaker; Ivan Palacky, amplified sewing machine and voice; Lucie Vítková, acordeón and voice; Jorge Boehringer, violin; George Cremaschi, double bass; Michal Matejka, guitar; Ken Ganfield, live electronics; Michal Zboril, live electronics; Matthew Goodheart, piano



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