La Pared, 2014


La Pared, 2014
Video: Yapci Ramos
Flute: Barbara Held
Media: 2 Digital Video HD
Duration: Indeterminate
Video Editor: Adolf Alcañiz
Sound Mastering: Ferran Conangla
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We were asked to make a work that in some way defined a place, the island of Fuerteventura. One way of imagining a place is to capture an image of one concrete point. With the idea of the wall of volcanic rock that separated the island of Fuerteventura into two Guanche (the ancient natives of the Canary Islands) kingdoms, “la pared”, these videos picture two sides of an imaginary line. The soundtrack was composed to be heard on headphones only. The sound was recorded in close proximity to a stereo microphone, with the flutist moving from one side to the other. The listener will experience the sound intimately, as it moves just behind and on either side of his or her head.

Directional pattern, Neumann microphone used for recording of the piece.

La Isla Imaginada II, Centro de Arte Juan Ismael, Abr 10, 2014, Fuerteventura – LOOP#14, Barcelona 2 Monitors mounted horizontally as one piece / diptych 2 Digital Media Players Loop system Closed Stereo Headphones / Sound Soft & Intimate Headphones  mounted at the midpoint of the two monitors with cable long enough to be able to see both monitors at once.