Meringue Diplomacy

Meringue Diplomacy by Terri Hanlon,

A video with music, inspired by the life of the great chef Antonin Carême.

Jacques Bekaert as Talleyrand, Eric Barsness as Carême, Carol Clements as Lady Morgan.
Choreography by Carol Clements.
Camera: Howard Grossman, Marc Kroll, Terri Hanlon
Composers: David Behrman, Jacques Bekaert, Jon Gibson, Barbara Held, John King, Laetitia Sonami.

The work was premiered at the French Institute Alliance Française in New York, April, 2011. It was also shown at Anthology Film Archives, Roulette, (with a live enhanced soundscore featuring David Behrman, Eric Barsness and Gisburg), the Maison Française at Columbia University, Basilica Hudson and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Meringue Diplomacy is in the Archive Collection of MACBA (the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona.)




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