Performed installation, work in progress

Signal Festival 2015, Cagliari, Italy

For the past year I have been developing a form of performed installation, an improvised performance that is sampled and processed and evolves into a generative 4-channel sound installation. This was first performed at the Signal Festival in Cagliari, Sardinia.

Åke Parmerud and Barbara Held


In collaboration with Swedish media artist Åke Parmerud, I am working on an audiovisual work in progress, in which projected light that is sensitive to the sound of the flute is mapped to the performer’s body. As the audiovisual software instrument designed by Parmerud begins to generate and process sampled sound without the presence of the performer, the light continues to project in the space of the absent physical presence.


Bainbridge Held | flute and AV synths



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A similar process is being explored with live video artist Benton C. Bainbridge. 4 channels of video and 4 channels of sound are created using Eurorack video modules and a small Moog synthesizer, modulated with live flute sound, sampled, processed, and eventually generate a continuously evolving audiovisual environment.





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