Rock’s Role

Rock’s Role (After Ryoanji) 2004
A soundscape compiled by artist and composer Ron Kuivila,
combines the work of 17 artists to create an aural environment
Art in General, NYC

Ed Tomney, Andrew Neuman, Barbara Held, Bernhard Gal, Brenda Hutchinson, Damian Catera, David Galbraith, David Matorin, Future Remix, Gabriel Burian-Mohr, John Hudak, Maggi Payne, Masahiko Sunami, Michael Sunami, Mike Hallenbeck, Rilo Chmielorz, Stephen Vitello, Michael J. Schumacher

Curated by Ronald Kuivila

Responding to John Cage’s musical translations of the famed Japanese rock garden, Ryonanji, the audio works in this exhibition are installed in a novel way to create an aural environment in which the pieces can be heard both individually and simultaneously. The speakers from which the sounds are broadcast are arranged to visually mimic the stones and space of the garden. Like the Ryonanji garden, which cannot be viewed in its entirety from any one point, Rock’s Role similarly offers a separate experience from each position within the gallery. The exhibition was curated/composed by Ronald Kuivila.

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