“Samgîtaratnâkara” [The Ocean of Music]

“Samgîtaratnâkara” [The Ocean of Music]
Video: Adolf Alcañiz, Music: Barbara Held

From the project “Singing Stones”
Girona, 2001

“Singing Stones”, (in German, Singende Steine) is a collaborative project about the cosmic dimension of sound, from the point of view of contemporary musicians and visual artists. It is inspired by the theories about musical symbolism put forward by the German ethnomusicologist, Marius Schneider (1903-1982) in his book, El origen musical de los animales-simbolos en la mitologia y la escultura antiguas [The musical origin of animal symbols in ancient mythology and sculpture] (1946), in which the chapter entitled “Singing Stones” is devoted to a musical interpretation of the late XII century capitals in the cloister of Girona Cathedral and the monastery of Sant Cugat, on the basis of Schneider’s research during the time he was head of the ethnology department at the Instituto Español de Musicologia in Barcelona in the 1940’s.

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